Laura Sian Photography | Information Equine

Time will fly by
Your cheeks will ache
I promise

You will have fun!


Calm Those Nerves

Ok, So your a little nervous... /you don't usually jump in front of the camera, you may think your going to do really bad..


I hear this time after time but have had 100% positive feedback that people felt confident and comfortable throughout the session. 

Everybody feels a little on edge but remember this is all about enjoying the experience, there is no pressure, no audience and you choose who views the images. 


Getting to know you

We always start the session by getting to know you, your horse and or dog.

We discuss what you have in mind, Introduce the horse and or dog to the camera and take the plunge with some test shots!


No Pressure

For the animals involved, the session includes grabbing their attention, snapping a picture, having a snack, having a fidget and starting the cycle all over again!

Photoshoots are designed to be relaxed and fun for all involved, It doesn't take long for them to figure out the click of the camera means treats!

Fidgeting is a big part of the shoot! So don't worry if they are not a fan of standing still, lots of circles and food in between those split second snaps!



Once Its Over

Once the session is complete, you go and pop your feet up!

Your private album will be processed with retouched images in low resolution.

You will receive your password and a few sample images from the shoot the same night to keep your patience at bay until the remaining images are ready!

Remember, nobody will see the images but you. It is completely your choice if you, or I, Share any images from the session. 


Then the hard part...




Be you

Think.. Comfortable! - Both Physically AND Psychologically!

You want to be able to move and not feel embarrassed, everyone has their own idea of what they are comfortable in, so it all depends on you!

Warmer Months

Sun kissed skin, Warm rays through your hair... Summer Months produce the best dreamlike images

When it comes to fashion in summer... less is usually more.
Get those legs out, dig out that summer dress and of course, ACCESSORIES! Sunglasses, hats, shoes and jewellery.

Also a great time to get your show gear on, checked shirts and bare feet! 

The choice is yours!


Cooler Months

The Cosy look is one of the best out there!

Its hard to beat hats, scarves and gloves... all wrapped up warm can actually look really flattering!

Grab your favourite tweed coat, dig out those bright wellys and add a bit of fur or even an umbrella to finish the look!

Thinking seasonal? Christmas cards, Kids in halloween outfits or images ready for next years monthly calender! 


Dont Forget your Horse

For Equine shoots, Horses have all sorts of accessories!

That newmarket sheet you have buried away?

Sheepskin covered tack adding to the cosy feeling!

fluffy ponies with winter coats so large you can barely see their ears!

and of course, professional, neat clips which show off your horses shape best!




When transport is not an issue:

Pick somewhere with meaning for you!
If you need some inspiration, think iconic:

  • Beach
  • Woodland
  • Open landscape
  • Farmland 
  • Flower fields
  • Country Parks
  • Lakes
  • Castles

Just make sure its safe and you have permission to be there!

For horses with no transport:

Your yard doesn't look like something out of a magazine? Dont worry!

You would be very surprised what you can find around a working yard!

When I arrive we shall scout the area and discuss possibilities, but if you wish to look yourself, here are some key features I look for.

  • Long Grass
  • Open Fields
  • Crops
  • Wooden Fences
  • Brick / Stone buildings
  • Trees
  • Water
  • Long Driveways

We can also go beyond the drive and head to your local hacking area or nearby favorite spots. 
I have a good pair of walking shoes!