Laura Sian Photography | Copyright

The copyright of this site and all of the images on this site and of any photographs emailed or printed and supplied to you our customer is retained by us. What this means is that you may not copy any image on this website for any purpose. Because we created the photograph, we own the photograph even though you may be the subject, when you purchase a photo you are purchasing a copy of the image retained by us.

This copyright is in place so that you pay for the images which I have spent hours shooting, editing, uploading… in addition to the cost of venue, transport, cameras, lenses, website and a list of over 100 items needed for this business to continue.

The use of any of the photos from our website with Laura Sian Photography copyright notice across the centre is Theft - this includes social networking websites! I have the right, and will enforce it, to ask for compensation for the use of my image without payment.  

Please note: you may use a purchased image on an advert to sell a horse, you may not use a copyright notice image.

If any of my photographs are to appear in a publication as part of an article please contact us for rates.